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“Filmmaking is like music. Inspired by rhythm, sound and emotional flow. Layering & merging different elements, creating new meanings & feelings, uniting into a harmonious composition.”


Flowinfilm creates audiovisual content in different genres: short videos, documentaries, media arts & moving visuals. The focus is on social, environmental, nature, well-being, philosophical, spiritual & NGO-related subjects. Flowinfilm also works with experimental, collaborative digital media practices.



  • video production & video editing

  • how-to video editing sessions

  • moving visuals for social media

  • research, interviews & scriptwriting

  • digital media concepts

  • filming & footage sourcing

  • sound recording & assisting

  • producing, coordinating & festival distribution


Filmmaker for more than a decade, I have been working in different kinds of roles (research & script writing, interviewing, directing, filming, footage sourcing, editing, sound recording, assisting, producing) depending on the project. I studied both video production as well as environmental sciences - one of the most interdisciplinary study programs in Helsinki University, Finland. I love to look at things both from scientific points of view - as well as from the perspective of daily lives; through spontaneous talks & interviews. Each person, each species, has its own unique way of sensing the world. There are so many colours we can’t see, so many frequencies we can’t hear. Life is a mystery, unravelling.

My passion is to work with clients & projects, which attempt to make the world a better place & help to create contents which reflect the message & idea of each unique subject.

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